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To use the library

Add a reference to AlloCineAPI.dll in your project.

Create an instance of AlloCineAPI :

var api = new AlloCineApi();

The object model of the API is composed by the following:
  • Feed
  • Movie
  • Person
  • Media
  • TvSeries
  • Season
  • Episode

Call the method of your choice:
  • Search --> Feed
  • MovieGetInfo --> Movie
  • MovieGetReviewList --> Feed
  • PersonGetInfo --> Person
  • PersonGetFilmography --> Person
  • MediaGetInfo --> Media
  • TvSeriesGetInfo --> TvSeries
  • TvSeriesSeasonGetInfo --> Season
  • TvSeriesEpisodeGetInfo --> Episode
  • TheaterGetList --> Feed
  • TheaterGetShowtimeList --> Feed
  • MovieGetOnTheaterList --> Feed

An "Async" version of each function also exists along with an associated Event.
Example: function TvSeriesGetInfo ..... TvSeriesGetInfoAsync ..... Event OnTvSeriesGetInfoCompleted


- 1 -
Certain methods allow you to specify a Response Profile that will control the level of details returned by AlloCiné. The possible values are Small, Medium, Large.

You will have to experiment a little with the parameter to find out the minimum Profile that still returns what you are looking for.
Remember smaller is the answer, faster it comes back to you.

- 2 -
An Error object has been made available in each API Object Type to easily capture errors returned by AlloCiné.


// Make an open Search on Movies containing the strings "si" and "riche"
var alFeed = api.Search("si riche");
if (alFeed.Error != null)
    foreach (var mov in alFeed.MovieList)
        Debug.WriteLine(mov.Code + "\t" + mov.OriginalTitle + "\t");

// Retrieve the detailed information about a particular Movie
We ask AlloCiné the Large details, including Movie and News information.
Also we suppress any HTML tag from the "synopsys" and "synopsysshort" values.
The list of media returned only includes the ones Allociné has encoded in Mpeg2.
var alMovie = api.MovieGetInfo(42346, ResponseProfiles.Large,new[] {TypeFilters.Movie,TypeFilters.News}, new[] { "synopsis", "synopsisshort" },new[] {MediaFormat.Mpeg2}); 
if (alMovie.Error != null)
    Debug.WriteLine(alMovie.Code + "\t" + alMovie.OriginalTitle + "\t" + alMovie.MovieType.Code);

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